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Tehema County Jail

Tehema County Jail

The Tehema County Jail is located in Red Bluff, California. The original structure was built in 1974, with the latest set of renovations and additions being added in 1994. The main structure of the Tehema County Jail is able to house 227 inmates. At various times the Tehema County Jail houses inmates that have already been sentenced, as well as inmates that are still awaiting sentencing.

Operation and staffing of the Tehema County Jail is managed by the Tehema County Sheriff's Department. The operation of the Jail Division of the Tehema County Sheriff's Department consumes approximately half of the personnel and budget allocated to the Sheriff's Office. The Jail division of the Sheriff's Department is responsible for the Main Jain Unit, the Transportation Unit, the Medical Unit, and a Food Services Unit.

The Main Jail Unit working in the Tehema County Jail is managed by a captain. Other supervisors on duty in the Unit include a lieutenant, four sergeants, and supervisors of both the cooking and medical staff. There are also deputies, Correctional Officers, Sheriff Service Officer, Clerks, Cooks, and Nurses. The Tehema County Jail is also bolstered by Reserve Officers and S.T.A.R.S, with Volunteers also involved in the function of the Tehema County Jail.

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