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New York State Inmate Search

New York State Inmate Search

New York state offers up many different services for those looking to find information regarding an inmate. Of course, this is in part because New York State includes New York City, which likely has a significantly higher output of criminals than does the vast majority of the rest of the state. As such, an individual who is attempting to look up information on a given inmate should first consider whether this individual is in the New York state jail system as a whole, or if he or she is within the New York City jail system.

New York City specifically has a jail known as Rikers Island where a large portion of the inmates from New York City are kept. For someone looking for an inmate from New York City, then, the Rikers Island inmate lookup service available on the New York City Department of Correction website is a valuable resource. The Rikers Island inmate lookup service allows for an individual to search for an inmate based on the inmate's name, date of birth, or identification number. This service does not only look at Rikers Island, instead examines the whole of the New York City corrections system. However, it is effectively the Rikers Island inmate lookup, as a great many inmates from New York City wind up in Rikers Island.

If an individual is searching for an inmate outside of New York City, however, then he or she might turn to the NYS DOCS inmate lookup. NYS stands for New York State, and DOCS stands for Department of Correctional Services. The NYS DOCS inmate lookup is a service provided for the whole of New York. The NYS DOCS inmate lookup is available on the website for the New York State Department of Correctional Services. One can search for an inmate using the NYS DOCS inmate lookup with the name of the individual, the birth date of the individual, the department ID number related to the inmate, and/or the New York State ID number.

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