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Hopkins County Jail

Hopkins County Jail

The Hopkins county jail of Kentucky is a facility that is dedicated to enriching the lives of the inmates and giving the opportunities to restart their lives, and to create a better path for them and their families.

The Hopkins county jail is a facility that has all the same goals of other jails; it is a facility for detaining inmates who have been given a sentence shorter than a year, for those awaiting their trials, and transfers who are only there until they can be sent to a detention center. It is a facility to house those who are being tried or have been convicted of criminal acts.

Many of programs offered in the Hopkins county jail are focused around the needs of the individuals. These courses help the inmate to critically think about the choices that they have made, and the consequences of their actions. Thus, giving them indications as to when their thoughts and behaviors are becoming inappropriate and helping them to intervene before they can act on these thoughts/emotions.

Courses like: Criminal Thinking Errors and Rational Behavior Training are programs that were created to help these inmates walk through the actions or emotions that landed them in jail, to think about them, and to find alternate methods of dealing with them, instead of committing criminal acts.

Another program that is also used on an emotional and critical level is an anger management course; this is yet another program based on the individual and the emotional triggers that caused a serious reaction. This helps provide new methods for channeling anger into a more productive and expressive medium.

Other courses that are used are WorkKeys which is a critical assessment of the inmates’ skills and abilities. This is an assessment tool that is used for job placements and future endeavors. By identifying what an individual is strong in, the Hopkins county jail can help to redirect the individual into an area of work that they will find fulfilling, and hopefully keep them on the non-criminal path.

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