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Crow Wing County Jail

Crow Wing County Jail

In Minnesota, the Crow Wing county jail has recently been reopened and reinvented, to better suit the individuals who are detained within the facility. Those who can be detained here are individuals of a pre-trial status, meaning they are waiting for a trial date under the custody of law enforcement, and individuals who have already been sentenced and are serving less than a year in jail.

The Crow Wing county jail serves as a holding unit for both males and females; it has roughly 286 beds in various housing units. There are general meeting areas attached to these units; these are used as meeting spaces for various programs that are offered. Furthermore, the Crow Wing county jail also provides medical services and has a fully equipped gymnasium to be used by the inmates of the facility.

The focus and goal of the Crow Wing county jail is to improve the lives of the inmates through various programs geared towards life betterment and enrichment. There are programs devoted to fighting alcohol and substance abuse; these programs provide advice from trained professionals, and support from the professionals and others in the group.

There are religious and spiritual programs, for those who want to practice their beliefs while they are in the jail. There are classes on parenting, for those who are parents or those who are going to become parents around the time of the jailing. It is a way to help understand the needs of the children in the lives of these individuals. There is also a quilting class that is offered; this is a type of course which helps to build practical sewing skills, and helps to channel energy into a positive and creative fashion.

Overall, the approach of the Crow Wing county jail is one of a program based system, to change the mentality of the individuals in the jail. This is to help them gain a better knowledge and skill base, and discourage repeating criminal acts.

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