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Travis County Jail

Travis County Jail

The Travis County Jail houses males and female inmates, but they are housed separately. The Sheriff's office strives to provide humane conditions for inmates which are housed at the Travis County Jail, because of they have been found guilty or a criminal offense. There is also a separate facility within the Travis County Jail system, which houses those that are still in the process of being booked, or charged for crimes.

The Travis County Jail offers inmates health services which include basic services such as vaccinations and medications for those inmates which require it. There are also more advanced services, such as treatment of illness and injuries. There are some illnesses and communicable disease which are more likely to be found among the prison population. Staff at the Travis County Jail is very adept at watching for symptoms of those illnesses.

There are also counseling services available for inmates at the Travis County Jail. In addition to allowing inmates to confront issues such as alcohol abuse, counseling services can determine if there is a mental illness. For example, counseling services may discover that an inmate is bipolar and they can assist inmates with handling the disease. Counseling would likely include medication, when required, as well as individualized and group therapy sessions.

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