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Bernalillo County Detention Center

Bernalillo County Detention Center

Within Albuquerque, New Mexico, are the Bernalillo County Detention Center and the Metropolitan Detention Center, both of which serve to protect the public from individuals who have been convicted of committing criminal offenses. The Metropolitan Detention Center contains adult criminals, who have been convicted of both violent and non-violent offenses.

The Bernalillo County Detention Center offers a youth services center, which acts as a juvenile detention center for convicted juvenile offenders. It is in this juvenile detention center that juvenile offenders are supervised and rehabilitated. The Bernalillo County Detention Center is able to ensure that convicted juveniles are held accountable for their actions, without subjecting them to the danger that they may experience in an adult prison.

The Bernalillo County Detention Center seeks to ensure that juvenile offenders remain secure and safe, while protecting the community from additional criminal activities that these individuals may take part in. The Youth Services Center offers a humane environment, in which offenders can complete their sentences. Within this facility, employees promote positive choices, healthy lifestyles, and proper education.

They provide juvenile offenders with access to many different resources and programs, which help to alter criminal behavior and instill positive values. Examples of some programs that are offered through the Center include pet therapy, AYUDA, and substance abuse counseling. In addition, the Youth Services Center has developed a Community Custody program, which allows juvenile offenders to return to society, as opposed to remaining in custody of the detention center.

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