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Flordia State Prison

Flordia State Prison

Florida state prisons are governed by the Florida Department of Corrections. The Florida state prison system is the third largest prison system in the country, and currently has a budget of over two billion dollars. There are over sixty two Florida state prisons, along with 146 facilities, 33 work release centers, 46 work camps, five road prisons, and one treatment center.

The Florida state prisons currently have about 27,000 employees working in the system, with nearly 75% of the staff being either probation officers or certified corrections officers. On average, the typical Florida State prison employee is about forty years old, and has already served the Department of Corrections for nine years.

Most of the prisons in the state of Florida are run by the Department of Corrections, though there are six privately operated prisons in the state. Furthermore, the Florida jails are operated and run by each of the individual counties in the state.

Jails are used more as holding individuals that are awaiting court and sentencing, while the Florida state prisons are meant to hold inmates that have already been convicted of a crime and received sentencing. Also, Florida jails will often hold inmates that have been convicted of minor crimes and misdemeanors that carry a sentence of no more than a year.

Currently, the Florida state prison system houses nearly forty thousand inmates in state prisons, with over 100,000 offenders being under the control

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