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Multnomah County Jail

Multnomah County Jail

Multnomah county jail is located in Portland Oregon and it hold inmates that have been found guilty or are facing charges in Multnomah County. Like other county jails in the united States, county jail holds inmates that have been accused or found guilty of a variety of offenses.

The inmate may be sent to a state jail if they are facing state charges or after they have been found guilty of the charges in that county, depending on the type of offense.

There are around seven hundred thousand residents in Multnomah County and all of them are served by the counties sheriff officers. The sheriff's office handles 911 emergencies and makes arrests of individuals that have been found to be violating the law.

Those that are arrested by the sheriff's officers are then brought to the county jail for processing until they face charges and are found guilty or innocent of those charges.

The sheriff in Multnomah County is elected by popular vote and is expected to oversee all of the sheriff's officers in the county. The duty of sheriff's officers sometimes extends past that which is expected of local officers.

In fact, county sheriff's officers will handle crimes or emergencies thorough the entire county. Anyone that is arrested for those crimes is brought to the Multnomah county jail, where officers still have authority.

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