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Kane County Jail

Kane County Jail

The Kane county jail in Kane county, Illinois is a well-structured facility used for the detainment of those who are awaiting trial dates and those who have already been convicted of a crime.

For those who are awaiting the trial date, this detainment is meant to keep the individual in the general area, and to make sure that they are ready to go to trial. For those who have already been convicted of a crime, the Kane county jail is a detainment area for them, until arrangements have been made to move them to prison, to carry out the rest of their sentence.

The Kane county jail provides the necessary provisions for inmates staying in the jail. All inmates receive three meals a day, provided by the cooking staff of the facility. There is also a full health plan, which covers: medical, dental, and even emergency health care services. Under this provision, it is required that there is a nurse on the premises 24 hours a day.

Those who are detained in the Kane county jail are given accounts in which their loved ones can place money for them to buy items at the commissary. There are also phone cards and other calling options available, to provide the detainee with the chance to talk to their families.

However, these calls have to be monitored, in order to track illegal activity. The Kane county jail also provides options for work-details, in order to keep the detainees working and active. There are also spiritual meetings and groups that can be used by the inmates, for their own spiritual needs.

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