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Nobles County Jail

Nobles County Jail

Nobles county jail in Nobles County, Minnesota is an efficient and organized jailing system provide for the safety of the citizen of Minnesota. This facility is used for holding individuals until they are processed; it is a facility for individuals who have been sentenced to imprisonment for less than a year.

The Nobles county jail allows for basic conveniences for those who are detained within their walls. This means that individuals are allowed to have items like photos and various other comforts, as long as they are provided for and adhere to the guidelines set for.

For example, individuals who are the Nobles county jail are allowed to have photographs as long as they are not Polaroid pictures, do not have nudity, and there are no signs of gang affiliation.

Individuals who are detained in the Nobles county jail are also set up with an account, in which loved ones are allowed to deposit money through online deposits, or during visitation hours. The mediums used for money deposit are cash, money orders, and cashier’s checks. This money can be used by the individual for various purposes.

When it comes to being able to call home; individuals are given the option of having their family set up a collect call account, which then can be used to make calls back home. Or the individual can purchase calling cards and call the family using the specific calling cards offered by the Nobles county jail.

Though an individual can be in jail for a couple of months or the entirety of the year, they are not deprived of amenities that they would have at home. Furthermore, the inmates of Nobles county jail are also provided with leisure time, various program options, and are supplied with 3 meals a day.

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