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Free Search for Prison Inmates

Free Search For Prison Inmates

There are a number of different free inmate locator services available for those who want to search for inmates on the web. A free search for prison inmates is actually sometimes available directly at the website of the prison or penal system in question. For example, there is a service for a free search for prison inmates available at the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. This free inmate locator service would allow a searcher to search without cost for any inmate within the federal prison system.

Different state Department of Corrections websites might offer similar services to search for inmates on the web, but these are not necessarily guaranteed to exist, and often times they may actually take the form of submitting an online request for information about inmates, as opposed to immediately locating those inmates. To provide assistance, then, there are a number of third party websites which offer a free search for prison inmates in a number of different states and locations all throughout America.

Often times, these websites which offer free inmate locator services simply compile the services already offered at the state websites, but this can still be useful, as they offer information on every individual state's Department of Corrections searches on one website. Furthermore, a website which offers a free search for inmates on the web might also offer county-level searches, which again are sometimes removed from the state-level searches available at the Department of Corrections websites.

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