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California Inmate Search

California Inmate Search

Searching for inmates within the California penal system can be performed using resources at the website of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, if one is looking for an inmate located within one of the state's prisons. This would actually require an individual to call the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation while holding certain information, such as the inmate's name, birth date, and identification number for the California Department of Corrections. For particular areas of California, however, which are major population centers and thus might have more individuals searching for inmates, there are other routes.

The Los Angeles, or LA, county jail inmate search is available on its own website for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department as the LASD inmate information search service. This LASD inmate information search service still requires a searcher to know the name and date of birth of the inmate being searched, but otherwise the LA county jail inmate search will allow easy retrieval of information concerning the whereabouts of inmates within the LA jail system. Thus, the LA county jail inmate search would provide an important service to any individual who was looking to find out the whereabouts of a friend or family member who might be in jail, so as to communicate with that individual or send him or her something.

Similarly, the Orange County inmate search provides an inmate search service specifically for the Orange County Sheriff's Department. The Orange County inmate search service is available at the website for Orange County, and requires a searcher to enter the name, age, and gender of the inmate being searched. The Orange County inmate search service also provides other important information concerning the status of the inmates in the Orange County jail system.

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