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Tarrant County Jail

Tarrant County Jail

The Tarrant County Sheriff's department has over one thousand employees that prevent and investigate crimes that occur in that county. When inmates have been charged or found guilty of crimes by the county court, they are places in the Tarrant County Jail.

The Tarrant County Jail includes four separate facilities and men and women are kept in separate facilities, as well as juveniles that are accused of serious cites. There are over three thousand inmates housed in the Tarrant County Jail system.

Like most county jails, the focus at the Tarrant County Jail is on providing punishment for those that have been found guilty of crimes. In most jails, the rate of re-offense is quite high, In order to prevent prisoners from being returned to the prison system after release, there are many programs to help them improve their quality of life.

Inmates may be taught basic skills, such as cleaning, how to do laundry properly and cooking. In addition, inmates may take part in fixing certain items within the prison, such as the stove or washing machine, so that they can utilize those skills once they have left the prison.

Inmates at the Tarrant County Jail also have access to educational opportunities which may include basic reading and writing, as well as more advanced classes. These classes are geared toward allowing inmates to enjoy a batter quality of life once they are released; by helping those to acquire skills which will help them find gainful employment.

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