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Spartanburg County Detention Center

Spartanburg County Detention Center

Spartanburg County Detention Center is a detention facility located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The facility is currently holding over 800 convicted criminals. The Spartanburg County Detention Center seeks to provide a cost effective system of keeping the pubic safe from the potentially dangerous activities of convicted criminals.

Due to the fact that this facility is a county detention center, it generally does not contain criminals sentenced to long prison terms. Individuals who are sentenced to an incarceration period of over 90 days will usually be relocated to a state prison. The Spartanburg County Detention Center also holds accused individuals who are awaiting trial. This facility is dedicated to ensuring that inmates are provided with secure, sanitary, and humane conditions, while they remain incarcerated.

In addition to containing adults, the Spartanburg County Detention Center maintains a juvenile detention center, which is dedicated to housing and caring for youths who have been convicted of juvenile crimes. the juvenile detention center is located within a building called Annex I. When initially constructed, this building was intended to hold 82 beds; however, due to space restrictions and a reduced staff, it has not reached this capacity.

In addition to acting as a juvenile detention center, this location is sometimes used to contain adult inmates, if the necessary space is not available within the prison. Currently, additional space is being created within the facility and more staff is being authorized to work within the juvenile detention center.

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