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Lane County Jail

Lane County Jail

The Lane county jail is located in Eugene Oregon. The Lane county Sheriff states that his mission is to ," serve as the premier law enforcement and correction agency in the State of Oregon and lead Lane county's law enforcement and criminal justice efforts." The Sheriff's officers are expected to provide emergency services and investigate crimes that occur in that county. In addition, they are expected to arrest those accused of the crimes and remand them to the Lane county jail.

The Lane county jail had five hundred and seven beds. There are also one hundred and twenty two beds which are utilized in the work release programs at the Lane county jail. Some inmates do not receive jail time but are instead part of the work release program, community service or the Sheriff's work crew. The type of offense and number of offenses will determine which program and individual is a part of.

The probation program works in concert with the Lane county jail. There are generally over three thousand individuals on probation and those that break probationary rules, often return to the Lane county jail.

Like every county jail, the main purpose of incarceration is punishment. However, there is also a focus on rehabilitation and basic life skills so that inmates are less likely to re-offend.

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