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Manatee County Jail

Manatee County Jail

Manatee County Jail is located in Palmetto, Florida and can be found at 14470 Harlee Road. Current Manatee County Jail are limited to receiving correspondence mailed in the specific form of a postcard and money orders made out to be payable to the Manatee County Jail’s Inmate Account service.

The main facility of the Manatee County Jail has an estimated holding capacity for around a thousand inmates, and is supplemented by a smaller section which has the capacity for holding around 400 people. As of summer 2010, surveys of the Manatee County Jail inmate population found that the facility was holding exactly 999 inmates. Reports have also criticized the county government and particularly the sheriff’s office for not devoting what are felt to be sufficient resources to the task of adequately managing Manatee County Jail and its large inmate population.

In this view, which has been put forward by local publications, Manatee County Jail is no longer adequately staffed and maintained due to reductions in the county’s budget. As a result of economization, it is now estimated that Manatee County Jail falls short of its personnel requirements by almost 100 deputies. Criticism of the Manatee County Jail has also focused on its comparative lack of success in rehabilitating inmate, due to the high number who enters the facility on repeated occasions.

Manatee County Jail authorities have, however, managed to offer an array of vocational tasks for their inmates, which include the preparation of most of its food as well as a range of agricultural and industrial tasks.

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