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New Jersey Department of Corrections

New Jersey Department Of Corrections

The New Jersey Department of Corrections, or NJDOC, as it is sometimes called, has jurisdiction and control over the jail system of New Jersey. The current Commissioner of the NJ Department of Corrections is Gary M. Lanigan. The budget for the NJDOC is roughly close to $1 billion. The NJ Department of Corrections is also known to employ close to 10000 employees. The NJDOC also supervises the 13 institutions within New Jersey, and it monitors 25000 individuals.

These 25000 individuals are split up between the facilities of New Jersey, which include seven adult male correctional facilities, one women's correctional facility, three facilities specifically for youth, one facility for sex offenders, and one facility which is designed for reception and intake of inmates. Every year, the NJDOC incorporates another estimated 12000 individuals into its penal system, which evens out to about 1000 individuals per month. At the same time, however, about 12600 individuals are released from the NJ Department of Corrections every year, meaning that theoretically, more inmates leave the system than entire it. These numbers are based on recent statistics.

The NJDOC offers a program called AgriIndustries, which is a program specifically designed to assist inmates by helping them to learn the skills necessary to work in the agricultural field. Approximately 100 inmates a year are assisted by this program. The AgriIndustries program represents one of the many ways in which the NJ Department of Corrections has attempted to institute programs which might better prepare inmates for life back in the community. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact New Jersey lawyers.

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