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Oregon County Jail

Oregon County Jail

Multnomah county jail

The Multnomah county jail is located in Portland, Oregon and handles inmates from the entire county. The county has over seven hundred thousand residents and all of those residents are the responsibility of the Multnomah county sheriff's officers.

Jackson county jail

The Jackson county jail has a focus on ensuring inmates rights even when they are incarcerated. The Jail also helps inmates to learn basic life skills, such as cooking, so that they will be able to thrive once released from jail.

Lane county jail

The Lane county jail is located in Eugene Oregon. The jail houses several hundred people and also offers work release programs, community service and sheriff's workers programs, for lesser offenses.

Yamhill county jail

Yamhill county jail offers inmates a variety of programs meant to assist them in daily life once they are released from prison. Although the main purpose of prison is punishment, jails such as Yamhill county jail also offer inmates the opportunity to better themselves through educational and special programs.

Umatilla county jail

The Umatilla County Jail offers inmates many programs in order to work towards a better future. Inmates work towards a better quality of life while they are incarcerated and when they leave the facility through counseling services, educational programs and many other services offered through jail services.

Marion county jail

The Marion county jail has hundreds of beds available to house inmates that have been accused or found guilty of crimes in that county. Like most jails, the system is set up to impose punishment but also to assist inmates in improving their quality of life. Inmates have access to educational and social services, in addition to a wide array of health services.

Columbia county jail

The Columbia county jail houses inmates that have been accused of or found guilty of crimes committed in that county. It is one of the few county jails to charge inmates a housing fee for being incarcerated.

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