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Hernando County Jail

Hernando County Jail

Hernando County Jail, or Hernando County Detention Center, is located in Brooksville, Florida, and can be located at 16425 Spring Hill Drive, or contacted at (352) 544-2334. The Hernando County Jail is administered by the Detention Division of Hernando County and is earmarked as the primary facility for jailing individuals arrested in Hernando County, either by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office or by any law enforcement group allowed to function in the county.

The Hernando County Jail inmate population includes both men and women and has, in addition to adult prisoners, juveniles convicted for committing misdemeanors or felonies or waiting to be tried as adults. Among the legal statuses of Hernando County Jail prisoners, inmates can be those denied or without the ability to post bail, in the process of being sent from holding facilities elsewhere in order to be tried in Hernando County courts, or serving out sentences lasting under a year under the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. The Hernando County Jail can hold up to 818 prisoners.

Friends and family of Hernando County Jail inmates must contact County Sheriff’s Office authorities in order to be granted permission for visits, and must do so at most a week before the desired visitation date, and at least 4 days preceding the visit, either by phoning or mailing in a completed Visitation Request Form. Visits can last for up to two hours and include as many as 3 visitors. Visitors can be turned away if found to be improperly dressed or if lacking government-issue photo ID.

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