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Starting Your Career with a Prison Job

Prison Jobs

Careers revolving around correctional facilities will prove to go beyond what is normally associated with the Department of Corrections and even the Federal Bureau of Prisons. There are various types of careers that exist within the realm of correction facilities and prisons.

Jobs and careers in penitentiaries will be overlooked by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the various state Departments of Corrections. Prison jobs will prove to vary in nature, though the most commonly associated with correctional facilities are those revolving around corrections officer positions. A corrections officer position, or prison guard, will usually entail a similar process to becoming a police officer; though the nature of the job will usually not necessarily attract many. However, corrections officers are not the only kinds of prison jobs serving a penitentiary.

Positions exist that can range from the medical field to administration positions. Prison jobs in the medical field can include physicians, registered nurses, dental officer, medical officer, and psychologist. Administrative positions may relate more to the processing of inmates and the paper work that is necessary to be kept on record and on file. Because inmates can also obtain an education while serving time, education prison jobs also exist to provide for the necessary education for inmates to obtain a job or career upon serving out their sentences.

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