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Getting a Job as a Detention Officer

Detention Officer Jobs

Juvenile detention officer jobs can be very rewarding. Individuals who are employed in detention officer jobs will generally be employed within correctional facilities. They will be responsible for supervising juveniles who have been convicted of committing a crime. The large majority of juvenile offenders are contained in correction facilities separate from adult prisons. In these facilities, juvenile detention officers will ensure the security and the safety of the juvenile offenders contained within.

In addition, people employed in detention officer jobs must work to be exceptional role models to the residents of these facilities. Detention officers will help to rehabilitate juvenile offenders and they will play an important role in the behavior modification of residents. Therefore, working in this field can be difficult, but gratifying.

A juvenile detention officer will maintain many duties and responsibilities. He/she may be requiring processing and preparing new admissions. This may involve explaining regulations, supervising new residents, and searching juveniles upon entrance into the facility. A detention officer will be responsible for inspecting any packages that are delivered to residents and searching any visitors who enter the facility.

In addition, he/she will be required to regularly inspect the rooms and property of residents, in order to ensure that no possible contraband or health hazards are present. People who are employed in juvenile detention officer jobs will complete routine housekeeping duties, transport residents to necessary locations, and coordinate any recreational or educational activities that the residents take part in.

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