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Dupage County Jail

Dupage County Jail

The Dupage county jail in Wheaton, Illinois is considered to be one of the best jail/correctional facilities throughout the United States. It has received high ratings from the Illinois Department of Corrections, along with praise from the American Correctional Association.

The Dupage county jail is used as a detainment center for individuals who are awaiting their trial time, for those who have been sentenced to less than a year of imprisonment, individuals who are serving a periodic imprisonment.

Various types of programs are provided by the Dupage county jail, in order to provide detainees with the option for the betterment of their life. Programs, like G.E.D courses can be found in the Dupage county jail.

During the year, there are anywhere between 30 and 50 individuals who graduate from a G.E.D program in this jail. These programs help the individual develop marketable skills, to help them acquire jobs and to give them a basis for furthering education. There are also spiritual groups which mean throughout the week; these groups are open to all individuals and are a way for the detainees to reconnect with themselves and their beliefs.

For individuals who have suffered from substance abuse, the Dupage county jail has a number of substance abuse courses and groups that can help the inmates vent their issues with substance abuse, and give them the proper tools to straighten out their addictions. The Dupage county jail boasts a great facility with impeccable programs for helping their detainees to a better life once they are out of the jail.

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