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Smith County Jail

Smith County Jail

The Sheriff of Smith County has been Sheriff for over thirty years and has vast experience in law enforcement. His department boasts an eighty percent rate of murders being solved in that county. The Sheriff's officers are there to protect, prevent and investigate crimes and arrest those that are believed to have committed crimes. Those that are arrested for crimes and subsequently found guilty are housed at the Smith County Jail.

There are approximately three hundred and fifty staff members employed by the Sheriff’s department and many of those work at the Smith County Jail. In general, there are approximately one thousand prisoners housed on any given day, with over ten thousand going through the prison in one year.

Like many County prisons, the Smith County Jail has the main purpose of providing housing for those that have been subjected to a prison sentence at the county jail. The staff is expected to provide those prisoners with a safe environment. However, there is an additional focus of providing access to education, psychological counseling, vocation skills and other services which are meant to help rehabilitate the prisoners.

The Smith County Jail provides an environment in which prisoners are able to be safe while serving their sentence. In addition the Smith County Jail also allows prisoners to take advantage of many services which can enrich their life and provide them with better opportunities once they are released from prison.

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