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Richland County Detention Center

Richland County Detention Center

The Richland County Detention Center is an important part of the juvenile justice system in South Carolina. There are numerous juvenile detention facilities located in South Carolina, including long term care facilities in Columbia, South Carolina. These juvenile detention centers are dedicated to containing juveniles who have been convicted of criminal behavior.

As a result, the community remains protected from any further harm that these juveniles may cause, however, the offenders are not subjected to the harsh conditions that are present in adult detention centers. In South Caroline, The Juvenile Detention Center, which is operated by the Department of Juvenile Justice, provides offenders with the care and the resources necessary for them to modify their behavior and become productive individuals.

The Juvenile Detention Center of South Carolina is dedicated to caring for juvenile offenders who are between the ages of 11 and 17. It is a co-ed facility, housing both female and male offenders. Overtime, these juvenile detention facilities become overcrowded, and in 2001, an expanded facility was created.

Juveniles who are placed in this juvenile detention center are provided with a thorough education, and if necessary, they have access to special education. Residents will also have access to counseling and medical services. They will be provided with routine checkups and medical care, in addition to emergency services. The Juvenile Detention Center seeks to uphold the rights of juvenile offenders while rehabilitating them.

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