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Lewis County Jail

Lewis County Jail

The Lewis County jail is located at 345 West Main Street in Chehalis, Washington. The mission of the correctional facility is to spark a positive difference for members of the community by seeking and revealing ways to promote, preserve, and deliver an exacting feeling of safety, security, and quality service.

The Lewis County jail is run and regulated by a Jail Administrator, a Lieutenant, a Programs Sergeant, and an Administrative Secretary. These four positions within the correctional facility department, work closely together to organize and enforce the inner-workings of the Lewis County jail.

In addition to utilizing resources for a safe and secure environment, the Lewis County jail offers its inmates numerous alternative sanctions and educational programs to further the rehabilitative efforts of the correctional facility. The Lewis County jail website offers a user a plethora of information concerning the jail, and more specifically the inmates that are confined within the prison. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the Lewis County jail website is the jail roster, which lists every inmate currently confined within the correctional facility.

The Lewis County jail roster, lists all inmates alphabetically, their respective arrest date, their bond type, the amount of the bond, and a description of the violation they committed. In addition, the website also offers a user a complete list of updated bookings and a list of all those inmates that were recently released.

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