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Connecticut Inmate Search

Connecticut Inmate Search

The Connecticut Department of Correction offers up a CT inmate search tool for those looking to find a particular inmate within the Connecticut jail system. This jail inmate lookup tool can be found on the website for the Connecticut Department of Correction. One can perform a CT inmate search using this jail inmate lookup tool with only such information as the inmate's name, date of birth, or Connecticut Department of Correction inmate identification number.

The CT inmate search tool is updated regularly, although the pertinent information itself may change rapidly, meaning that even though the CT inmate search tool is updated often it still may not be entirely accurate at the time that it is viewed. This jail inmate lookup tool provides information on any individual currently incarcerated or held within the Connecticut Department of Corrections system, which is important to note, as it does not distinguish between those individuals held with conviction and those individuals held without conviction. This jail inmate lookup tool also will not include information regarding youthful offenders who are below legal age.

The information that is provided by this CT inmate search tool can include the inmate's current incarceration facility, as well as the offense which led to incarceration and the current bond amount for the individual. This jail inmate lookup tool does not necessarily provide such information as a physical description or photo of the individual in question, nor does it necessarily list all information regarding the inmate's past convictions or criminal history, though information may vary from inmate to inmate.

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