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Jefferson County Jail

Jefferson County Jail

The Jefferson County Detention Facility is the formal name for the Jefferson County Jail. It is the central detention facility for Jefferson County. Local police departments utilize the Jefferson County Jail. Inmates and pre-trial detainees are housed in the Jefferson County Jail.

One of the defining characteristics of the Jefferson County Detention Facility is that Jefferson County Jail inmates maintain a rose garden in the northeast corner of the complex. Not only do the Jefferson County Jail Inmates physically maintain the rose garden, their purchases of snacks and other items from the commissary, as well as fees related to their telephone usage. The rose garden at the Jefferson County Jail does not require any taxpayer dollars.

Following an expansion in 2000, there was an average of 768 Jefferson County Jail inmates each day. In 2004, the average Jefferson County Jail inmate population had risen to an average of 1153 inmates. At its most crowded in the summer of 2005, there were 1470 inmates. The staff at the Jefferson County Detention Facility is able to add extra beds as needed to accommodate increased housing needs.

The Jefferson County Jail is located in Golden, Colorado. Most of the Jefferson County Jail inmates are housed in minimum security areas, although the facility also contains medium and maximum security units.

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