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Know the Rules of Probation

Probation Rules

Probation rules are terms and conditions that are imposed on an individual who is placed on probation. Failure to adhere to the conditions is known as a probation violation, and can cause an individual to acquire more severe punishments. Probation rules vary from one case to another, however, the fundamental regulations remain similar in most cases.

The most basic of all probation rules is to regularly report to a probation officer. The court will specify how often this must occur, and it may range from every 24 hours, to every few days. An individual who is on parole must immediately notify his/her parole officer if there are any changed to his/her personal information, including his/her telephone number and address. A criminal can not leave his/her jurisdiction without obtaining written permission from his/her parole officer. He/she must also submit to routine drug testing and must inform his/her parole officer if any prescription drugs are being consumed.

In addition to these fundamental conditions, an individual who is on probation is not permitted to purchase or carry any type of weapon or object that may be harmful to other individuals. He/she is not able to possess or use alcohol or drugs. If a criminal was order to pay restitution or any related fees, he/she must ensure that these fees are paid.

He/she will most likely be required to maintain a steady job, though a convicted criminal will not be permitted to work with elderly individuals or children. It is important that an individual fully understand all conditions associated with his/her probation, and strictly adhere to these terms.

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