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Pasco County Jail

Pasco County Jail

The Pasco County Jail is also referred to as the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center and is located in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, at 20101 Central Boulevard. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office also operates another detention facility, this one located in the town of New Port Richey. On average, the Pasco County Jail system, composed as it is of these two facilities, is responsible for the detention of 1,222 inmates, according to surveys carried out in 2008.

In the same year, according to the study, the Land O’ Lakes and New Port Richey Pasco County Jail facilities admitted 37,666 individuals. All male offenders and suspects for misdemeanors and felonies found guilty or due to be tried in the Pasco County Jail system are admitted to these two facilities. Moreover, the Pasco County Jail system also provides for the detention of female suspects similarly charged or sentenced, and those between the ages of 14 and 17 who are to be tried as adults.

Pasco County Jail inmates can be visited once a week, for a period lasting up to an hour, and including three different visitors. Pasco County Jail visits can be scheduled by phone, online, or by mail. Pasco County Jail inmates can compose a list of acceptable visitors consisting of up to 15 different individuals. Overly casual or otherwise attire is not accepted for visitors and can result in their being discharged before a scheduled visit. Visitors should arrive at Pasco County Jail with half an hour to spare to allow for processing.

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