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Fayette County Jail

Fayette County Jail

The Fayette county jail is committed to helping the community by detaining those who have committed or are being accused of criminal acts. Through the Fayette county jail, programs are being created and organized, in order to serve the greater community. Furthermore, these service projects are being carried through with the help of inmates of the jail.

The basis of the Fayette county jail community service program is to have the inmates participate in manual labor scenarios, in order to fix vandalized pieces of the town, and to give back to the community. One of the largest community service endeavors taken on the inmates of the Fayette county jail was a cleanup program in which inmates cleaned public buildings, schools, walls, churches, and every other location that could be found to have graffiti on it. Once this job was done, it was estimated that the inmates cleaned off over 4,000 tags of graffiti.

The Fayette county jail inmates were also instrumental in the cleanup of over 20 parks within the area; this was yet another way thought up to give back to the community; by cleaning up the parks, the inmates showed the community their willingness to be an essential part of the greater good, and a positive influence. Furthermore, in a very big movement, the Fayette county jail also had community service projects for inmates which fell around the idea of collecting food and clothing donations, organizing them, and shipping them off as relief for the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

The theory behind all of the manual labor work and community service is that these positive changes will influence a change in the inmate; overall, the goal is to have the inmate want to become a greater part of the community, by continuing to do positive works once released from the Fayette county jail.

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