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Connecticut Department of Corrections

Connecticut Department Of Corrections

The Connecticut Department of Corrections, or the CT Department of Corrections, is the department of state government in Connecticut which is responsible for governing the jail and penal system of Connecticut. The Connecticut Department of Corrections has jurisdiction over 18 different facilities spread throughout the state. One of these 18 facilities is closed currently. Another one of the facilities is used to hold female offenders, and another is used to hold teenage male offenders. The other 16 facilities, including the closed facility, all hold the adult male offenders under the jurisdiction of the CT Department of Corrections.

These facilities include the Hartford, Bergin, Brooklyn, York, New Haven and Bridgeport facilities, among others. The Connecticut Department of Corrections, according to recent estimates, holds about 20,000 inmates within its institutions. This includes inmates who were simply accused, and have yet to be officially sentenced, although the numbers of such inmates are obviously lower than the numbers of the sentenced inmates.

The CT Department of Corrections has made one of its most important goals to decrease the chances of recidivism in terms of its inmates. Recidivism refers specifically to inmates, once released, committing another crime and being sent back to jail. The Connecticut Department of Corrections now provides a substance abuse treatment program which is designed to help reduce the rates of recidivism among released inmates, along with the Charlene Perkins Re-entry Center. The Charlene Perkins Re-entry Center was designed by the CT Department of Corrections in order to assist inmates with re-entry back into the community. Contact a Connecticut lawyer for legal advice and assistance.

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