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Who is the Prison Warden?

Prison Warden

All penitentiaries in the United States have a prison warden. A prison warden is considered as the foremost administrative and management position when it comes to prison jobs. A warden is in charge of overseeing the entire facility, which will include the actual operational functions of the institution and well as every facet that is inherent with inmate custody. A prison warden will also have the responsibility of determining the financial needs of the institution as well as the managing of all other personnel.

The prison warden is also given the task of developing rehabilitation programs for the inmates in order to provide for a better life once a prisoner serves their sentence in prison. However, a warden will often times run a prison differently from others due to individual viewpoints. For example, one particular prison warden may be more concerned regarding security at the facility and stress that aspect, while another warden may be more focused on developing educational and rehabilitation programs to help the inmates once their sentences are finished.

Warden jobs are typically awarded by the governor of a particular state. Furthermore, warden jobs are normally given to those that have had prior experience in a penitentiary position and will usually go to a person that was in the corrections field for many years.

In the United States, most warden jobs are appointed to males, though in all female prisons, warden jobs will typically be awarded to females. Warden jobs will usually entail that potential candidates, aside from having experience in corrections, also have a college degree in criminal justice. Those that have experience in management will also have an advantage when warden jobs are available.

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