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Clay County Jail

Clay County Jail

The Clay County jail in Moorhead, Minnesota is a facility dedicated to the protection of the citizens of Clay County. It is a facility that was built with the goal of protecting the citizens and providing the inmates with resources in order to help them re-channel their energy and refocus their lives, in order to be able to go back out into society and find work and stability.

An underlying desire for these individuals is the hope that the resources and information they acquire in the jail can deter them from going back to a life of criminal activity.

The Clay county jail is staffed by a team of 26 full time correctional officers, 2 half time officers, 8 roster correctional officers, 3 administrators, and 3 clerical office associates, who work with processing and paperwork matters. These individuals are the ones who help run the Clay county jail and keep the facility functioning in an organized fashion.

The facility of the Clay County jail is broken up into the jail and the annex. The actual Clay County jail is a facility that can hold up to 66 adult detainees at one time; these individuals can be either male or female. However, in the annex, this can be used for 30 males maximum.

Out of the various types of jails throughout the nation, the Clay County jail is one of the smaller establishments. This jail provides the basic amenities for living, like shelter, food, and hygiene facilities. It also boasts several different programs for individuals to give back to the community.

The work release program is one for those who are already productive members of society; it allows the individual to be released from jail in order to go to work and continue doing their job.

Work detail is a program for those who are not considered a threat to society; it is a program that allows individuals to do community service like projects, in order to gain skills and give back to the community. And a Sentence to Service program is an option for those who are not allowed to do work release; it is an endeavor for the inmates to work under the supervision of state employees, in the department of natural resources.

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